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Avoiding the Void

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The Void. The Chinese call it the Wuji. It’s that space where there is No Thing. Where labels, thoughts, and conditioned responses do not exist. Who you think you are is no longer true. That space from which you were plucked – the Primordial; the place and the energy you were before you were here.

It’s that place where you are confronted with your True Nature. And because we are often uncomfortable with the feelings that lie at the threshold of discovering our True Nature, we often Avoid the Void.

We call a friend or turn on the TV. We get on Facebook, check our email, or send a text. We read a book or listen to music. We have a glass of wine or some popcorn. We find something to DO! Clean, garden, build, hike, play, exercise, think, write, work, learn, laugh, dance, make love, pray, create, imagine, make lists, have a meeting, sleep, sing. There is always something to do. And our culture does not value the idle hands or mind.