Can You Feel It?…It’s time to Fly!…

You know you’re meant to fly – you feel it deep in your bones.  Somewhere along the way though, you just forgot how.

You started feeling heavy – weighted down by the past, the endless To-Do List, and the disappointment that comes with always feeling like you’re in last place.

You know there’s something more, something deep inside you – a sacred gift only you can give to this beautiful world.  Your big loving heart is generous and your Spirit is willing to do the heavy lifting so you can fly again.  

You’re ready!…but why does life always bring you crashing back down?

It feels like something or in your way, right?  Maybe it’s you?  After all, despite your vow to get it together, to declutter, or start exercising, you end each day the same – tired, exhausted, irritated, and disappointed.  Deep down, you think maybe you just don’t have what it takes to have the life you want.

But what if you knew – wholeheartedly and without a doubt – that You are Awesome exactly as You are?  What if you knew you were made of Awesome?  

And what if everything you did came from a place of this deep inner knowing?…  

It’s time to set down that baggage you’ve picked up along the way.  

Let’s Find out what you’re made of!

I want you to

  • Feel Free and Light – Confident that each step you take brings you what you want
  • Have the relationships you’ve dreamed of – with your partner, your kids, your friends, and your co-workers.  
  • Know what it feels like to be truly abundant in your life.


Because I know what it feels like to never quite get to “your” things on the to-do list (like exercise, creative projects, learning new things, or…sleep!) because there’s so much other stuff to get to first.  So many people to take care of.  So many obligations.

I know what it’s like to feel an internal spark nudge you each day, telling you there’s more to life than this – there’s more to YOU than this.  And I know what it’s like to hope like hell that spark will hang out until you can figure a way out of this hole you find yourself in.

I want you to know what I now know.  

Over the last year, I’ve been offering this program to my clients.  The results have been inspiring!

They’ve started their dream jobs, transformed their relationships, and connected with their inner artists to start creating again.  They’ve moved themselves to the top of the list and started taking exquisite care of themselves – losing weight, moving their body, and finding relief from anxiety and depression.  They’ve cleared decades of clutter from their homes and found grace and ease in their schedules.

The transformations have been incredible!

The investment for this priceless program is just $150.  Just click here to say YES to YOU.

I want to show you the key to believing with all your Heart and Soul that you’re Whole and Well and Perfect exactly as you are.  

Do you believe it?  No?  That’s okay.  I couldn’t believe it either.  I want to show you how I got there!   

I want to teach you how to Live from that Place of Wholeness and Awesome!

Because when we begin to to own our Self Worth,

Magic happens.  

Tensions release.  

Doors open.  

Life becomes…easier.

I was once where you are.  I felt heavy and trapped.  Life felt hard – too hard sometimes.

I was also a champion at beating up on myself and sabotaging any new habits I wanted to create to get me out of the muck I was in.  I joined a gym and never went. I bought self-help books I never read.  I would eat well for a week, then binge on ice cream and feel like a failure.  I couldn’t stick with anything or seem to make any lasting changes!

No matter how bad it got though, there was always that little spark inside me – reminding me that somewhere in me, I knew how to Fly.  And I kept trying.  It was all I could do some mornings to get out of bed, but I kept looking for support – a way out…and up!

I finally found that path…and now I want to share it with you!

I’ve got a really special Invitation for you – and I’m so hoping you’ll say Yes!

Find Out What You’re Made Of: A 21 Day Journey

For 21 Days, you and I will journey together Find Out What You’re Made Of.

(Psst!…I’m going to flip to the answer at the back of the book and tell you – You’re MADE of Awesome!! Still, peaking at the answer and KNOWING it in your bones are two different things…so come with me on this journey and I’ll SHOW you.)

For the price of a good massage, you’ll receive:

  • 21 Days of guided Mindfulness Practice designed to gently support you to
    • View your Inner Landscape with tenderness, compassion and non-judgement
    • Make choices that begin to reflect Your Inner Awesome
    • Cultivate your Inner Explorer so you can practice being more comfortable with discomfort

Wait just a second!…

This practice is going to be Uncomfortable???  Why on Earth would I want that???


So much of what holds us down is the fear of the Fall.  The fear of getting hurt.  The fear of discomfort.  

Don’t get me wrong, fear is a very valuable tool in our toolbox.  Fear keeps us from crossing the street into oncoming traffic.  

We’re taught to push through fear or squash it down or beat it up or any other Violent Acts.  But what if there was another way??

Let’s see what happens when we foster that part of ourselves that’s more Curious than Fearful.

Are you Curious about What You’re Made Of?  Are you willing to be a little uncomfortable in order to find out?  In order to Fly?

If you’re ready to Say Yes, just click the button and we’ll get started on that 21 Day Journey.


Find Out What You’re Made Of: A 21 Day Journey will change your life forever.  

You will not be the same.  You will journey to the center of your Soul and you will emerge Transformed.

This practice is the Foundation of all my Self Love work.  

It’s simple.

It’s fascinating.

It’s uncomfortable.

It’s exhilarating.

It’s Transformational.

Seriously – $7 a Day for this priceless experience.  Are you ready to Say Yes??!


When you click the Buy Now button above, I’ll send you a Welcome Email with all the details laid out for you.  The email will also tell you a bit more about what to expect from our time together as well as suggestions on how to get the most out of this Journey.

Each day, for the next 21 days, I’ll send one Mindfulness  Practice – both audio and video – to your inbox, as well as guidance on the why’s and how’s of this simple, but powerful practice.  I’ll also offer you suggestions on how to deepen your practice to get the most out of the journey.

I’m always available to answer questions or provide deeper levels of support.  Feel free to reply to any of the emails to get personal attention!

All this for an investment of $150.  Of course you’re going to want to say YES!!!

And if you still haven’t clicked that button, lean in a little closer – because I think I know what your objections are:

Okay, so it’s only $150 – that’s Awesome!  But…what about the Time??  Every day for 21 days??  You can’t even find time to go to the bathroom by yourself.  How the hell are you going to find the time to sit still and meditate for crying out loud??

And Mindfulness?? Really??  You’ve heard Mindfulness can work wonders, but you’ve tried it before and couldn’t even sit still for 1 minute without your mind going berserk on all the things you weren’t doing while you’re sitting there.  Plus…you know…#uncomfortable.

Sound familiar?

During our 21 Days together, not only will I guide you through Mindfulness practices that include movement, but I’ll debunk some common Meditation myths – the biggest of which is that the goal is to clear your mind.  (It isn’t!)  

I’ll walk you through exactly what’s going on in your brain and give you tips and exercises for:

  • Finding time for yourself and your practice
  • Creating habits that have you excited to practice
  • What to do when you’re doing it wrong (hint: you’re not)

Listen, this isn’t about getting it right.  Doing this perfectly. Clearing your mind and becoming totally Zen.  This is about saying yes to yourself.  Bumping your self care up on that list.  Being courageous enough to get Curious about what you’re made of.

And if you can do that – no matter how the rest of it turns out – you will take your first step on that path to total Transformation.

If you can do that, you will Remember how to fly my Love.

Let’s say Yes, shall we?

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the videos?
Each Mindfulness Practice is 10 minutes or less. Videos explaining the mindfulness process, how we form habits, and suggested deepening practices are10 minutes or less. Occasionally I have a combination of both content and practice – those are 10-12 minutes.

Will the videos be available after the 21 Days?
Yes! You will have access to all the videos indefinitely!  You are absolutely encouraged to continue practicing…for the rest of your Life!

What if I can’t start right away? 
This is a Self-Paced program – start whenever you like!