Practice of Rest

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I used to practice the clarinet because I was in Band. I practiced monologues and scenes because I was in Theater. I’ve practiced choreography because I taught Zumba. All of this time practicing by myself was so that I could perform later. I practiced for a grade, applause, or for a job. Working toward an end-game somehow gave me permission to take the time to practice.

What is a Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, or Meditation Practice? The phrase often brings to mind a very dedicated person rising before the sun to stand on a beach or by a huge beautiful tree, spending hours in mindful movement or perhaps a calm stillness. Though more often, in reality, a Mind-Body practice is full of the struggle to find the time, the


motivation, the space. We know we feel great when we do these things for ourselves. And yet, the alarm rings and too often we turn it off instead of jumping up for our Practice. We spend the rest of the day hoping we can fit the practice somewhere between work, laundry, errands…Facebook. We begin to whittle down the time we’ve promised to devote to the Practice. Instead of an hour, maybe we can manage half an hour. Okay, fifteen minutes. Five minutes. There goes another day with no practice.