The 9 Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi: A Deepening Series

Live Class*

Mondays from 9:00 – 10:30 am

March 27th – June 12th

Ma Maison in Dripping Springs 

*recordings of the Live Classes available for those who cannot attend in person

We have a choice in this life.  

We can survive, we can thrive,

or we can Co-Create with the Ultimate Source

to manifest the Life we were meant to live.

You’ve come to a point where you’ve asked yourself, “How do I want to live my life?  What is my purpose?”

You’ve purchased books, taken courses, and asked your friends who seem to have it all figured out.  

Yet a life full of clarity, radiance, and inner peace still seems to elude you.  The exhaustion, the sense of depletion, the overwhelm deprive you of the bliss and enlightenment you crave.

Transform Your Life: You hold the Key

When you work and play with the essence and energy of life, nature and the universe for healing, clarity and inner peace – that is Qigong. ~ Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD

We have inherent within us all, Vitality.  The Chinese call this life force energy, Qi (or Chi).  The practice of Qigong is a simple, elegant, and enjoyable path for finding our way to illumination and inner liberation.  

Join me as we explore the vast capacity of our internal vibrant energy – our Qi.  We’ll mine the depths of our being for the golden elixir that allows us to Co-Operate with the Great Cosmos and step into the Life we are meant to live.

Through Dr. Roger Jahnke’s form, the 9 Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi, we take an alchemical journey to transform our lives.

  • Clearing away old habits and blockages.  
  • Plant and Cultivate the seed of Qi within us
  • Harvest and Direct the Qi throughout the body  
  • Learn to store Qi for times when we most need it
  • Transform our Qi into the pure, refined life force, capable of manifesting abundance, peace, and enlightenment

Qigong saved my Life

The 9 Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi blew the doors wide open for me.

Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. – Joseph Campbell

Only a few years ago, this is how I felt:

It was like I was in a prison, cut off from my body, living only in my head. I had walled off parts of my mind, my soul, and my heart. I only had access to the parts that allowed me to survive, not LIVE. I was depressed and angry. I would sometimes cry for no reason. I didn’t like myself very much. My body felt miserable. I had an idea of how I wanted to live and how I wanted to be. I wanted to be free and glorious and amazing. But I didn’t know how to get there. And honestly, I didn’t think I could – I didn’t think I had the audacity.

I had never before practiced Qigong when I showed up for Dr. Jahnke’s teacher training.  A lifelong seeker, I had read books, attended gatherings, listened to experts, and spent countless hours trying to figure out the meaning of life and my purpose in it.  Qigong was the path that snapped it all into place for me.  Through Qigong, I found my audacity.  And it truly saved my life.

In the 9 Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi, I discovered my internal, divine energy source – my Qi.  All the stories I struggled with – not feeling worthy or bold enough to face my fear – melted away and I touched my own consciousness.  From that moment on, I was changed. I knew I had to share this journey with others.

Let’s go on this Amazing Journey together…

The 9 Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi

12 Week Series

Each week we focus on a different phase with discussion, deepening practice, and suggestions for cultivating and mastering the phase outside of practice.

Two Ways to Engage

Attend classes in person at the enchanting Ma Maison in Dripping Springs.  In addition, receive digital recordings you can use for home practice.

In addition, I’m also thrilled to be able to offer this class virtually!

I’ve had so many requests from people all over the world to take my classes.  But how to do that if you don’t live near me or can’t come at the scheduled time??

Attend virtually through digital recordings that you can access at your convenience.

All participants get to keep the recordings for your future home practice.  Continue to deepen your alchemical journey with the 9 Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi beyond our time together.

For just the cost of a yoga or fitness class, you can transform your body, mind, and heart!

Live Class – $180 {click here to register}

Recorded Class – $120 {click here to register}

Here’s what you’ll Receive:

  • 12 weekly classes {live and/or recorded} focusing on each phase of the form
  • 1 Audio Recording of the Form that you can download on your device
  • 1 Visual Recording of the Form
  • Recordings of weekly discussions and practice delivered to your inbox
  • Suggested Deepening Practices to expand your experiential understanding of each phase of the form
  • Membership in the Closed Facebook Group for community support and continued discussion of our practice

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*Participants present at the live classes also get to practice the 10th Phase of Cultivating and Mastering Qi: Transmit Qi.  This is a powerful partnered experience of healing.

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The 9 Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi holds a special place in my heart.  The students engaging in this form discover new depths to the practice each time they take in this journey.  Whether you are brand new to the practice of Qigong or a seasoned player, the 9 Phases of Cultivating and Mastering Qi offers continued healing, illumination, and liberation.

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