The Self Love Toolkit: Ease into Mindfulness

Being Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

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The first offering in the Self Love Toolkit Series – Ease Into Mindfulness: Being Comfortable in the Uncomfortable.

Mindfulness is a fantastic tool for changing habits and knowing why we do what we do.  But often we can get tripped up on starting a Mindfulness practice because turning inward can come with a certain level of discomfort.

  • We get bored and keep wondering when it will be over
  • Our thoughts start racing and we feel even more stressed than when we started
  • Old memories that we’ve kept hidden away can surface, demanding our attention
  • Strong emotions can show up and feel quite overwhelming

Discomfort and Suffering is inevitable – it’s the compliment to happiness and necessary to the human experience so that we can continue to grow past our perceived boundaries.  But you can learn to suffer well, flowing from discomfort into ease where we can redirect our system to healing, shifting learned patterns and habits that don’t serve us.

These 6 short (about 10 minutes each), easy, and gentle practices are perfect for targeting a specific need, such as:

  • Become aware of the sensations in the Body
  • Ground your Energy in the body for clarity and to alleviate  “brain fog”
  • Open up any blocked Energy centers so Emotions can flow in and out freely without feeling “stuck”
  • Say YES! to yourself and your Self Love Practice
  • Shake off excess energy that can manifest as anxiety or stress
  • Practice Non-attachment to stay in the Witnessing Mind when feelings or habits become overwhelming
  • Create a space of Loving Presence within your Practice and Your Life where your entire human experience is met with love and compassion

Practice each video together as a sequence and you have an entire energy practice that will leave you calm, relaxed, and tuned in to your most Loving and Knowing Self.

You get:

  • 6 – 10 minute videos of gentle meditative and movement practices that ease you into your Mindfulness Practice
  • 1 – 1 hour video of the sequence of practices for a longer, deeper Mindfulness practice

Once purchased, these videos are yours to keep and watch as often as you like.

Coming in August, The Self Love Toolkit is available at a special pre-sale price of $27 (regularly $49).  Grab your Self Love Toolkit at this Awesome introductory price!

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