WWFS January 10 – March 28 2017: Healing Dream Lab

Meet Your Cast of Characters

Have you ever wondered what it means when you dream of your Mom or Dad?  How about when you dream about babies or animals?  Lovers?  What about all those random people that keep popping up in your dream?  An old teacher from high school.  That random guy on the bus yesterday.  Monsters, thieves, ghosts, and killers?  What the heck does it all mean?

Our dreams rely on symbols and archetypes (a recurrent symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology) to guide us through our subconscious for powerful paths to re-integrate and connect to your Whole or Higher Self.  Dreamwork can be one of the most transformational journeys to remembering just how Awesome you are.  

Dream Leaves

Who represents your Inner Child?  Your Inner Lover?  Who represents your fear?  Or the parts of you kept in shadow or exile?  In this 12 Week Intensive Dream Lab, we’ll call forth our characters and explore their emergence in our dream world.

With Live Dream Lab Video Conferences (virtual Dream Circles) we’ll gather to share our dreams and gain insight to our Inner Landscape.

  • Identify parts of the Self we’ve ignored, turned away from, neglected, or hated.  
  • Welcome the exiles home as a part of a Sacred Self Love Practice.
  • Learn the Language of your dreams as you unravel the hidden wisdom in your dreams

How often have you known you were sad or frustrated about something, but chose to distract yourself with television or Facebook instead of investigating your feelings further?  Your dreams are there to help you process these emotions!  When we’re overwhelmed and resistant to turning inward, we miss so many opportunities to integrate, transform, and shift into acting from our Highest Self.

Dream work bridges this gap!  By engaging with our dreams we unlocked hidden gems of wisdom that can guide us to our next Right Action.

In this 12 week course we will:

  • Meet bi-monthly in a Virtual Dream Circle via Zoom (video) to share our dreams and offer insights to one another
  • Gather in an Intimate Closed Facebook group where you can share your Dream Experience while having plenty of space to be seen and receive individual attention for your process
    • Receive daily inspiration for the dreaming process and the journey toward recognizing wounded parts asking to come home and be integrated into the whole
    • Commune and share with others: offer your dreams, insights, and support.  Find witnessing for your process, your journey in a sacred container of loving presence.
  • Receive Content video to help you begin your dream work process or deepen any practice you may already have
  • Learn energy practices such as Qigong, breath-work, visualization, and meditation to boost your Dream work experience

Dream Lab Virtual Circles (Video Conferences on Zoom) will be on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, January 17th      7:00 – 9:00 pm CST
  • Tuesday, January 31st      7:00 – 9:00 pm CST
  • Monday, February 13th     7:00 – 9:00 pm CST
  • Tuesday, February 28th    7:00 – 9:00 pm CST
  • Tuesday, March 14th        7:00 – 9:00 pm CST
  • Tuesday, March 28th        7:00 – 9:00 pm CST 


Your Investment

This 12 week Dream Lab is Regularly Priced at one payment of $799 or 3 payments of $297.


For a Limited Time, get the Wild Woman Finishing School for almost half off!

Pay in Full at $465

3 (three) Monthly Payments of $169

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+The Wild Woman’s Guide to Self Care PDF

+  One on One Dream Session with me

+  2 Recorded Audio Meditations to guide you into DreamTime


The Wild Woman Finishing School is comprised of other seekers who will practice with you, enjoy making mistakes with you, and cherish you as you grow. This is the place where you get to be You and learn how the real You can connect with others.This is your community that will cheer you on when you try it out on your loved ones at home and encourage you when things get messy.

This is your tribe.


Let’s get started!!

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